Orient du Py

INTERNATIONAL WINNER STALLION, Anglo-Arab, 38,4 %, 1,69m. 

Breeding season 2013, no inflation!

As breeders, we are well aware that the cost of rearing increases significantly each year, that is why we have decided to maintain Orient du Py' semen at the same rate as last year! Our prices always include the transport of the semen where you want in France and a live foal guarantee. 

For France, the conditions are:

0 € for reservation + 490 € (V.A.T. included), live foal guarantee 48h + 100 € (V.A.T. included) for technical fees.

(For foreign countries, please contact us).

Eric Navet, world champion rider, speaks about Orient du Py.

Eric NAVET nous parle d'ORIENT DU PY...


"Son of three Anglo-Arab leaders, Quatar de Plape, Prima d'Or and Pancho II , ORIENT DU PY is worthy of his exceptionnal genetic!"

• His father: Quatar de Plape

With prestigious origins, in which we find the great current of blood Djecko, QUATAR OF PLAPE is indisputably one of the leaders of the Anglo-Arab breed. He transmits obviously his jumping ability. QUATAR DE PLAPE has produced dozens of horses indexed more than 140 including: Alizée de Neuvil ISO 157, Araguaia ISO 147, Bedjaia Rêve ISO 147,Emir d’Olympe ISO 146, Fleur de Rose ISO 146, Jivaro de Bacon  ISO 147, Loco du Comtal ISO 147, Quercus du Maury ISO 161, Vox II ISO 144, Vague de la Coste ISO 160, Orient du Py ISO 160.

• His first dam: Kenza du Py

She is a daughter of PRIMA D'OR (ISO 167 CSIO), international performer with Aldrick Chéronnet, combining bloodline of Fayriland II, the thoroughbred Mourne and Rio Negro. Despite premature disappearance, PRIMA D'OR left behind him many horses indexed as Kador du Pelon ICC 149, Kaline de Dun selected for Olympic games ICC 160, L’Elu de Dun ISO 147,  Miss Prima Montagne ISO 127, Narcotique des Martrettes ISO 131, Nymphe d’Azur ISO 134.

• His second dam: Samanta (ISO 120)

Daughter of PANCHO II, SAMANTA had seven products: Hors la Loy (broodmare), Tabata ISO 111 (broodmare), Kenza du Py ISO 107 (broodmare), Légende Personnelle, Mystral Gagnant, Olivia Lambert, Pancho de Lazerou.

• His third dam: Demagogie

Daughter of DEMISSION, which is also found in a lot of performers pedigrees like : Demi Ton ICC 123, Demoua ISO 127, Noroua ISO 127, Queroua de Viconte ISO 128, Emoua de Viconte ISO 134, Ai Lan ISO 127, Gazelle Deauze ISO 135, Iris d’Eauze national stallion ISO 128, Crakoukas d’Hories ISO 143, Etiquette d’Hories ISO 161, Ulysse de Castay ICC 136, Fleur de Rose ISO 146.

"ORIENT DU PY is a great horse combining chic, strength, blood, balance, intelligence and exceptional temperament...Thus, it will suit a wide range of mares. Moreover it is extremely fertile!"

- BSO +13 (0.57)

- O.A Status: **** Good

- Breeding start: 2011

- Fertility I.A.C: 73%

- Stud books Approval: AA, SF

Production of Orient du Py is already noticed!

Orient’s first foals foals are pretty, supple, with blood and strong back, a good balance, an outstanding temperament and a very good jumping technique (respectful, with a very good back movement). Orient's offspring has impressed juges and professionnals during France national Foal championship 2012 in Pompadour and two of his daughters were awarded for the 2nd and 3rd place.

We can notice that one of Orient's foals, which was presented in the Deauville Auction Sales 2012, easily found taker!

Grand Prix CSI *** Villeneuve sur Lot (France) - 1.50m

Gd prix CSI*** Villeneuve sur Lot 2011

Performances which speaks volumes

From 4 to 6 years old: Orient du Py is young horses showjumping classes finalist (Fontainebleau). At 6 years old, Orient is ranked 4th of French Championship and best anglo-arab stallion of his generation.

From 7 to 8 years old: Orient started with success international showjumping classes. Marie Robert made several clear-rounds with him. Among the best results, we notice: 1st of Barcelona GP CSI* (1.40m) (2010), 3rd of Barcelona GP CSI* (1.40m) (2009), 1st of a 1.40m class in Villeneuve loubet CSI*, 3rd of Villeneuve Loubet GP CSI ** (1.45m), 4th of a 1.45m class in Bordeaux CSI*****, etc. He was also ranked in Pro2 GP (1.35m): 1st in Bazas, 4th in Lege Cap Ferret, 6th in Barbaste, 7th in Saint Etienne de Tulmont, etc. Orient finished 22nd of the 7 years old French Championship.

At 9 years old: Very good showjumping season where he showed his great potential and impressed the breeders by being regularly ranked in GP CSI*** and GP Pro 1 (1.50m). Orient du Py is actually the best anglo-arab in competition. Among the best result, we notice that Orient has been ranked in the famous CSI*** in Villeneuve sur Lot, Royan, Vidauban, St Lo, Caen and also in the CSI** in Santander and Vidauban. Orient du Py was also ranked in several GP Pro1 classes (1.40m). His regularity has been rewarded by a great index: ISO 156!

At 10 years old: Orient' rider has changed and it is now Christophe Le Garrec riding him. Very regulars, Orient and Christophe ranked in several GP Pro 1 Elite (1.50m) and CSI like, Dinard CSI***, St Lo CSI **, Challans CSI **, Dinard CSI*, Le Mans CSI*.

Orient du Py finished 10th of the French Pro1 Championship Final and once again, his regularity at top level has been awarded by an index over 150 (ISO 151)!

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